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The Julian | Downtown Living | Adaptive Reuse Apartments in Columbus, Ohio


Life downtown means freedom - and friends, fun and fitness always close.

The Julian promotes a healthful lifestyle and supports your fitness goals with programs, amenities and facilities. Because making health part of your life makes your whole life better.

On-site gym with real equipment you're used to, and plenty for everyone.

Neighborhood fitness locations

Nearby outdoor exercise-friendly spots
Life at The Julian is about being close-by and staying connected. Catch up with friends, head out on the town, take in the best art, entertainment, sports, dining and shopping Columbus has to offer.

Walk to the best bars, restaurants and live-music venues

See a movie, go dancing or catch a play or show close-by

Shop in locally-owned, taste-making boutiques just around the corner.


Adaptive reuse is about more than creating something new out of something old, it's a key factor in land conservation and goes hand-in-hand with all of the other ways we can work together to protect the environment.

The Julian was born from adaptive reuse: a belief that our city – and our resources – should be conserved, and that being environmentally conscious is the only way to honor the past and protect the future. That's why we take conservation efforts seriously, and work them into our downtown lifestyle.


When you live at the Julian the city is at your feet, a thriving community with a diverse culture to immerse yourself in.

"When you reside in The Julian, you'll be part of your building's community... your neighborhood's community... and your city's, too."

We believe the best lives are lived connected to those around us. That’s why we imagined a residence in the heart of vibrant downtown. It’s also why we also will build community programs designed just for our Julian residents, created with them as partners and advisors.


Columbus City School District:

  • Ohio Elementary School
  • Champion Middle School
  • East High School


The Julian has a CBUS stop right outside!

Catch a free ride to your meeting, to grab a quick bite with friends or discover the downtown nightlife. CBUS runs from the Short North to the Brewerey District - and back again every 15 minutes.

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272 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215