Living History.

Experience one-of-a-kind heritage and live where history was made. Raised in 1921, the Julian is a seven-story historic industrial building on the National Register of Historic Places that has been conserved, modernized and reimagined as a truly unique residential space for those who love downtown living.

The Julian stands regally on the corner of Front and Main in downtown Columbus. The building opened at time of excitement and possibility. Albert Einstein was first lecturing about his new theory of relativity, Babe Ruth had just become the all-time home run king, and new technologies, modern thinking and optimism swept the country in what would soon be known as the Roaring Twenties.

Its namesake was William Julian, president of the Julian & Kokenge Company and future Treasurer of the United States, who oversaw the construction of the building as a women's shoes factory housing more than a thousand Columbus employees and crafting shoes that would be shipped around the united states.

The factory was one of the most enduring of its kind, and was one of the last to succumb as the industry shifted overseas. Though it ceased active operations in 1974, it remained the sole Columbus manufacturing building of its kind – deserving of conservation and restoration.

Casto has stepped in to rehabilitate and restore the majesty of The Julian, protecting its character and repurposing it for downtown living as 90 residential apartments. Saving the building also saved landfills thousands of tons of demolition waste, conserved land and ensured the history at Front and Main would not only be retained, but would become a living part of the Columbus community again.

From its reinstalled historic windows and its beautiful spaces to its thriving spot on the Scioto Mile, The Julian truly offers rich Columbus heritage... and extraordinary downtown living.